Sunday, February 26, 2006


this is just a fun little
drawing i did of gogo
from kill bill , this chick
kicks A$$.


reverse bear claw

i love this drawing, i
seem to do my best work
while sitting in class trying
to ignore what the teachers
are saying. not the important
teachers ofcourse. just the
ones that have nothing to
do with art. the gen eds..
and history of this or that...
mind numbing dosnt even
explaing it...

go peep

kaj pindal is the man. my charicaturing sux... trying to improve. im not sure if thie even looks like him... let me know k.


one thing animation history is good for.. doodles.
Well everyone seems to have one of these things so i guess i might as well start. i need some feed back on my work and deviant art just isnt cutting it, so feel free, i appreciate it. peace