Tuesday, February 17, 2009

mermaids... sorta

hey all,

ive been watching a lot of 'blue planet' and 'planet earth' lately and was totally inspired to do some mermaid styl pretatory fish.
the marlin, sail fish, shark and dolphins are just amazing. i cant believe how much i learn from watching those dvd's.. if you can get your hands on them for a weekend i highly suggest you make time to watch them all.. some of the stuff just blows your mind. :D

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


so here's a big chunk of sketches from my last sketchbook and the one i recently started..
i have a bad habit of waiting until I'm finished a sketchbook before i post anything.. ill try to stop doing that in the future :P
so most of these sketches are from mall cafe sketching during the Christmas holidays and whatnot..
i found it kinda of interesting that all of the girls aged 12-23 wore pretty much the exact same outfits... its the whole skinny jeans, ugg boots, puffy jacked, or hoodie look....
doesn't really make for a great variety in sketching.. but whatever.. its still fun :D

animal sketches..

hey all, its been a long time since ive posted.. sorry..
ive been in the process of moving for like... a month, and my computer had to be totally reformatted recently, so ive been without some programs and whatnot..
but heres a big sketch dump to make up for that :D
the orange cat is my boyfriends cat marmaduke, hes a very big and lazy boy, and strangely the only cat ive ever been allergic to..
the goats and lamas are from my trip to the royal agricultural winter fair in toronto.. that was in november.. so yea, that proves its been waaay too long since ive scanned or posted anything haha