Saturday, May 07, 2011

water colours

the cats on the couch was a gift for my aunt, her pets/companion animals are total couch hogs, but i suspect they could organize themselves well enough to take over a small country...
and the cat in the boat is my uncles cat PJ, my uncle is also my accountant, and does my taxes for free.. so i wanted to make him a little gift... :D

sping drawing dump....

hey guys, seems like i only gte around to posing things once ever few months... but i try to make it a good chunk of stuff.. so please forgive me :D
so lets see, today we have... some animal themed hats, had a lot of fun with these, some women,... what can i say... i cant help drawing women...
and a doodle of Medusa.. is it possible to have a bad hair day if your hair has a mind of its own?

Thursday, March 31, 2011


hey people, so its spring.. and Ive been doodling as usual... so here's a dump of things from my scanning pile...

Friday, February 11, 2011

baby showers!!

hey people, its been forever, i know.. im sorry...
i work a LOT what can i say... and i travel.. so.. yea lol
i recently got back from a trip to europe where i saw a lot of really cool stuff and people.. but didnt draw.. :S i know.. sacrilegious!
i was too busy walking everywhere to have any time to draw...and looking at others artists amazing works of art... the Mona Lisa, Venus De Milo, Nike, the Rosetta stone.. sigh.. so cool!

i have been doing more paintings for my friends baby showers recently... the painting of the pigs was for my friend Allison who;s little girl was born in September, and the kittens and dolphin pictures are for my friend Kate who's due in a month!!
so exciting... but i am really starting to wonder why they're all having girls... must be something in the water :S
anyway, hopefully ill post again soon!